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Diana Orving

DIANA ORVING is a Swedish fashion brand by designer and artist Diana Orving (b.1985). DIANA ORVING consists of two lines of work; one being the Collections run by season (SS/AW), and one being the Atelier focused on more experimental artistic work.

DIANA ORVING has a multi-faceted and variable style with a distinctive design that is characterized by an organic feel and movement through layers, volume and beautifully draped fabrics. The work with the collections is centered on the actual construction, Diana explores and works with her unique draping techniques, used in a number of ways to create intricate silhouettes consistently throughout the collection. Creating playful and stylish garments that dynamically encounters the person wearing it. Encouraging movement by the body and by the garment itself, every piece should ask for altering.

DIANA ORVING was awarded Designer of the year by Swedish ELLE magazine 2017.

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